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Vine Deloria Jr. , 1933-2005
Vine Victor Deloria Jr. was born in 1933 in Martin, South Dakota. He obtained a     
Master of Theology degree from the Lutheran School of Theology in Rock Island,       
Illinois in 1963 and a J.D. from the University of Colorado in 1970. He is one       
of the most outspoken figures in Indian affairs. His works promote Native           
American cultural nationalism and a greater understanding of Native American         
history and philosophy.                                                             
Awards and Honors                                                                   
Wordcraft Circle Writer of the Year (Prose - Personal and Critical Essays) award,   
1999 (for Spirit and Reason)                                                         
Books by Vine Deloria Jr.:                                                           
Aggressions of civilization : federal Indian policy since the 1880s                 
American Indian policy in the twentieth century                                     
American Indians, American justice                                                   
Behind the Trail of Broken Treaties : an Indian declaration of independence