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Name: Adam Beach                                                                       
Born: 11 November 1972 Ashern, Manitoba, Canada                                       
Adam Ruebin Beach (born November 11, 1972 in Ashern, Manitoba) is a Golden Globe       
nominated Canadian actor of Saulteaux descent. He is best known for his roles as       
Marine Private First Class Ira Hayes in Flags of Our Fathers, Private Ben Yahzee       
in Windtalkers, Dr. Charles Eastman (Ohiyesa) in Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee         
and Chester Lake in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.                                 
In high school (Gordon Bell High School), he attended a drama class. The class         
was originally supposed to be a place to "goof off" with his friends, but Beach       
soon exhibited natural talents in acting. He began performing in local theatre         
productions, and eventually dropped out of school to take a lead role at the           
Manitoba Theatre for Young People. At age 18, he won a small role in the               
miniseries Lost in the Barrens, based on the Farley Mowat novel. In the               
following years, he continued to work in local theatre and guest-starred on           
television shows like Walker, Texas Ranger and Touched by an Angel. Shortly           
afterwards, Beach was cast as a regular on the television shows North of 60 and       
The Rez.                                                                               
After his roles in Dance Me Outside and Smoke Signals brought international           
attention to him, there was a call for Beach in Hollywood, but he took his             
time in answering it. He took a small role in Disney's Mystery, Alaska in 1999         
and in 2000 accepted a role in the thriller, The Last Stop. Comedy-wise, Beach         
displayed his skills in The Art of Woo and the 2001 hit Joe Dirt as Kicking Wing,     
a Native American who sells fireworks.                                                 
In 2002, Windtalkers, starring Beach, came out in theaters. To prepare for this       
role, Beach spent six months learning the Navajo language. He was also able to         
use this skill in his next project, Skinwalkers, directed by Chris Eyre, who           
gave him his breakout role in Smoke Signals.                                           
Between large-scale projects, he made small appearances on television on such         
shows as JAG and Third Watch. Also, in 2003, he returned to his character that         
he first portrayed in Skinwalkers in the movie Coyote Waits. He also made a           
quest appearance in the hit show The Dead Zone as an Indian shaman (in the             
episode "Shaman").                                                                     
In 2006, Beach portrayed Ira Hayes in Clint Eastwood's featured film Flags of         
Our Fathers. During the filming of this movie, both Beach's grandmother and his       
best friend died. "And if you add those up, there's a lot of emotion. When you're     
doing a movie, when you let go emotionally, there's nothing to grab onto." he         
said about the deaths. About playing the part, Beach said, "For me, playing           
Ira was a meaningful relationship, I would call it – trying to find out how he       
was, or how he thought and felt." The movie won two Academy Award nominations         
and Beach was nominated for multiple Best Supporting Actor honors.                     
In 2007, Beach starred in HBO Films' adaptation of Dee Brown's novel, Bury My         
Heart at Wounded Knee. In the film, Beach portrays the Sioux advocate, author         
and medical doctor Ohiyesa (Charles Eastman) and his changing understanding of         
Indian-US relations during the period leading up to the Wounded Knee Massacre.         
Currently, Beach is working on a few projects. In addition to joining the cast         
of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Detective Chester Lake in 2007, as well       
as starring in the Canadian television series Moose TV; Adam is currently also         
executive producing and starring in the movie Older Than America, the                 
independent feature shot in Cloquet, Minnesota mostly on the Fond du Lac Ojibwe       
In 2006, Beach unsuccessfully attempted to run for the leadership of his Lake         
Manitoba First Nation, but has stated he will try again during the next election.