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Name: David Brearley                                                               
Born: 11 June 1745                                                                 
Died: 16 August 179                                                                 
David Brearley (often spelled Brearly) (June 11, 1745 - August 16, 1790) was a     
delegate to the U.S. Constitutional Convention and signed the U.S. Constitution     
on behalf of New Jersey.                                                           
Born in Spring Grove, New Jersey, he was a graduate of the College of New Jersey,   
which later became Princeton University. David was 5' 7" tall and weighed 185 lb.   
He maintained this weight until his retirement, when he gained 20 lb. Upon         
graduating, he practiced law in Allentown, New Jersey and resided in               
Lawrenceville, New Jersey. With the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War,     
Brearley joined the Continental Army as a Captain and fought in several battles,   
after which he was promoted to a Colonel. In 1779, after the war was won,           
Brearley served as the New Jersey Supreme Court Chief Justice. He decided on the   
famous Holmes v. Walton case where he ruled that the judiciary had the authority   
to declare whether laws were unconstitutional or not. He held the seat until       
While at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 at the age of 42, he served on       
the panel that decided how long the President's term should be. After signing       
the Constitution in 1787, he headed up New Jersey's committee that approved the     
Constitution. In 1789, he was a Presidential elector and was appointed a federal   
district judge by President George Washington. He died a few months later.         
Brearley was the first Grand Master of the New Jersey Masonic Lodge.               
He is buried in the churchyard of Saint Michael's Episcopal Church in Trenton,     
New Jersey.                                                                         
David Brearley High School in Kenilworth, New Jersey, was named in his honor.