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Name: Maria Ines Rivero                                                               
Born: 7 June 1975                                                                     
Maria Ines Rivero is an Argentinian model. She was born on 7 June 1975 in             
Cordoba, Argentina, and she resides now in New York City, at last information.         
Rivero's mother thought that she lacked the grace of a lady, and therefore             
enrolled her into a "ladies school". She made her modeling debut at the age of         
14, when she worked in a local fashion show. An agent discovered the now mature       
and more ladylike stunner at age 16 in her hometown, and one year later, she got       
another break when she won the preliminary of the Elite Look of the Year contest       
in Argentina.                                                                         
Rivero's face has appeared on the cover of magazines such as ELLE, Glamour and         
Vogue, and she has been one of the select group of Victoria's Secret models           
known as the 'Angels'.                                                                 
Away from modeling, Ines has also sung a music album entitled Hasta Siempre           
which contains a hit single about the Argentinian-born revolutionary Che Guevara.     
She also had a brief cameo in the 2006 film The Devil Wears Prada.                     
She was previously married to French artist Alis Basseville, but that ended in         
divorce in 1998, and she is now married to Miami-based Cuban financier Jorge