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  Name: Bo Diddley                                                                 
  Birth name: Ellas Otha Bates                                                     
  Born: 30 December 1928 McComb, Mississippi, USA                                   
  Genre: Rock and roll, R&B, Blues                                                 
  Occupation: Vocalist, Guitarist                                                   
  Instrument: Guitar                                                               
  Years active 1951 - present                                                       
  Bo Diddley (born December 30, 1928) aka "The Originator", is an influential       
  American rock and roll singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Often cited as a key   
  figure in the transition from blues to rock and roll, he introduced more         
  insistent, driving rhythms and a hard-edged guitar sound. He is also known for   
  his characteristic rectangular guitar.