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Name: David Bryson                                                                 
Born: 5 November 1961                                                             
David Bryson, (born 5 November 1961), is a guitarist and vocalist for             
Counting Crows. He was a student of guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani. Prior to         
forming Counting Crows with Adam Duritz, he produced recordings by Duritz and     
his band, The Himalayans from San Francisco. Bryson owned and operated Dancing     
Dog Studios in Emeryville, California, from the mid 1980s until it closed in       
1997. Many San Francisco Bay area's acts recorded at Dancing Dog with Bryson       
producing and engineering.                                                         
Bryson was a member of Mr. Dog prior to co-founding Counting Crows. Before that,   
he was a member of the Berkeley based band, The Clique, which was signed briefly   
to Bill Graham Management during the mid 1980s.