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Name: John Conyers, Jr.                                                               
Born: 16 May 1929 Highland Park, Michigan                                             
John Conyers, Jr. (born May 16, 1929) is a member of the United States House of       
Representatives representing Michigan's 14th congressional district, which             
includes all of Highland Park and Hamtramck, as well as parts of Detroit and           
Dearborn. A Democrat, he has served since 1965 (the district was numbered as the       
1st District until 1993). In January 2007, Conyers became chairman of the House       
Judiciary Committee in the 110th United States Congress.                               
Conyers is currently the second-longest serving member of the House (just after       
fellow Democrat from Michigan, John Dingell) and the fifth member of entire           
Congress by length of service (after Robert Byrd, Dingell, Ted Kennedy and             
Daniel Inouye).