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      Dennis Banks was born on the Leech Lake Reservation in northern Minnesota. In 
      1968 he founded the American Indian Movement (AIM) to protect the traditional 
      ways of Indian people and to engage in legal cases protecting treaty rights of 
      natives - such as hunting and fishing, trapping, wild rice. Banks also travels 
      the world lecturing, and providing drug and alcohol counseling. He established 
      the first spiritual run from Avis to Los Angeles. He earned an Associates of   
      Arts degree at Davis University and taught at DQ University, where he became the
      first American Indian Chancellor.                                             
      Books by Dennis J. Banks:                                                     
      Banks, Dennis J.. The opening statements of Russell Means and Dennis Banks in 
      U.S. vs Russell Means and U.S. vs Dennis Banks                                 
      St. Paul, MN : Wounded Knee Legal Defense/Offense Committee, 1974.