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  Name:Black (of Crossharbour), Conrad Moffat Black, Baron     
  sex: male                                                   
  lived: (1944 )                                               
London-based financier, born in Montreal, SE                 
Canada. He studied at Carleton, Laval, and McGill             
universities, and became a businessman. He achieved           
control of Argus Corporation, a holding company               
controlling a large number of Canadian corporations,         
becoming chairman in 1979 and chief executive in 1985.       
He repositioned himself in the newspaper business,           
buying London's Daily Telegraph (1985),                 
Quebec's Le Soleil, Ottawa's Le Droit, and         
over 40 small newspapers in the USA. He has also earned       
some attention as a commentator on economic and               
political affairs. He was elevated to the peerage in         
1999 but took his seat in 2001 after renouncing his           
Canadian citizenship.