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Name: Carrie-Anne Moss                                                           
Born: 21 August 1967 Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada                           
Carrie-Anne Moss (born August 21, 1967) is a Canadian actress who achieved       
worldwide fame following her appearances in The Matrix trilogy. She also starred 
in the critically acclaimed film Memento.                                         
Moss was born in Burnaby, British Columbia. She has an older brother, Brooke.     
Moss's mother Barbara named her after The Hollies’ 1967 hit song, "Carrie-Anne".
As a child, Moss lived with her mother in Vancouver, after her parents divorced. 
At the age of eleven, she joined the Vancouver children's musical theatre and     
later went on to tour Europe with the Magee Secondary School Choir in her senior 
year. She attended high school with Gil Bellows. She subsequently enrolled at     
the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Pasadena upon her return. In 1985, she   
left Vancouver for Toronto and became a model. This career took her to Japan and 
Spain in the late 1980s.                                                         
While in Spain, she landed a role in the drama series Dark Justice, her first     
television appearance. She moved from Barcelona to Los Angeles, California with   
the series in 1992. She starred in FOX's short-lived primetime soap opera Models 
Inc., a spin-off of Melrose Place, as one of the models. Her big breakthrough     
came when she was chosen to play the latex-clad hacker Trinity in the 1999 box   
office success The Matrix. She reprised the role of Trinity in two sequels as     
well as providing voice-overs for video game and animated spin-offs of the film. 
(Coincidentally, she had previously co-starred in an unrelated made-in-Canada     
television series also entitled Matrix.)                                         
Following the release of the The Matrix, Moss was snapped up by some of           
Hollywood's most prominent producers for starring roles in four films. First,     
audiences saw her star opposite Burt Reynolds and Richard Dreyfuss in the Disney 
mobster comedy The Crew for producers Barry Sonnenfeld and Barry Josephson. Then 
they saw her star with Val Kilmer in Red Planet for Warner Bros. for producer     
Mark Canton. She then co-starred opposite Juliette Binoche, Johnny Depp and Dame 
Judi Dench in Miramax's Oscar-nominated film Chocolat for director Lasse         
Hallstrom and producer David Brown. Next, she starred with Guy Pearce in the     
critically acclaimed independent thriller Memento for which Carrie-Anne earned   
an Independent Spirit Award for her performance.