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Yevgeny Aleksandrovich Kafelnikov (Russian: ??????? ????????????? ???????????) (yehv-GYEH-nee ka-FYELL-nee-koff) (born February 18, 1974), former number-one tennis player from Russia, was born in Sochi in the RSFSR, Soviet Union (now Russia).


In 1996 Kafelnikov captured his first grand slam tournament at the French Open, winning both singles and doubles events, a rare achievement in the tournament. In 1999 he won the Australian Open and, then, a year later, the gold medal at the Sydney Olympics.


He achieved the number-one singles ATP ranking on May 3, 1999, but lost seven straight matches thereafter. He reached the final of the Australian Open in 2000, losing to Andre Agassi in four sets.


In 2004 he informally announced his retirement and said he would begin playing professional poker full time.