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  Name: George Keith Funston                                                             
  Born: 1910 Waterloo, Iowa, USA                                                         
  Died: 1992                                                                             
  Business executive and college president, born in Waterloo, Iowa, USA. A banker's       
  son, he worked his way through Trinity College and Harvard Business School             
  before becoming a salesman for American Radiator, and later, Sylvania. In 1945-1951     
  he was president of Trinity College (Hartford, CT), where he managed to increase       
  the college endowment by 50 per cent. He led the New York Stock Exchange through       
  a period of revival and sustained expansion (1951-1967) before ending a varied         
  career as part-time chairman of the Olin Mathieson Chemical Co (1967-1972).