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Name: Wesley Wales Anderson                                                       
Born: 1 May 1969 Houston, Texas, US                                               
Wesley Wales Anderson (born May 1, 1969) is an American writer, producer, and     
director of films and commercials. He was nominated for an Academy Award for       
Best Original Screenplay.                                                         
Anderson, the middle child of three brothers, was born in Houston, Texas. His     
father, Melver Leonard Anderson, was in advertising, and his mother, Texas Ann     
Burroughs, was an archaeologist and is now a real estate agent.                   
He attended both Westchester High School and St. John's School, a private school   
in Houston, which was later used as a filming location for his second film,       
Rushmore. Like Rushmore's protagonist Max Fischer, Anderson used to stage plays   
of his own direction on the stage of the now-demolished Hoodwink Theatre at St.   
Anderson studied philosophy at the University of Texas, where he met Owen Wilson. 
After making a short film version of Bottle Rocket, Anderson and Wilson           
attracted the notice of producer James L. Brooks. With his help they were able     
to get their short film into Sundance and secure funding for the feature-length   
version of Bottle Rocket.                                                         
Anderson lives in New York City, Los Angeles, and Paris, France. He is friends     
with filmmaker Noah Baumbach, actor/screenwriter Owen Wilson, and Sofia Coppola.   
His brother, Eric, is a set designer on his films. His other brother, Mel, is a   
doctor. His father has his own Public Relations business in Houston.