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Tom Peters is a business management guru of the late 1970s to the present. His first big book was In Search of Excellence . Mr. Peters’ ideology seems to be focused on solving business problems with as little business process overhead as possible.


In Search Of Excellence was focused on devolving power to the lowest person possible in an organization to empower them to solve the most problems possible.


According to Mr. Peters, the previous outlook of a centralized authortitative structure of business governance was imperfect because it required businesses leaders to know too much and overburdened them with needless trivia.


Other main points of the book included allowing employees to fail, on the premise that doing nothing is usually much more expensive for a business than doing the wrong thing. Since it is very difficult to predict which things are right and wrong, the business decision maker should just try their best guess and try.


Tom Peters is known for a very evocative, emotional, and dynamic speaking style. His speaking engagements have earned him a large following.


He is the author of many books on business management and continues to write and speak about personal and business empowerment and problem solving methodogies.