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A youth group summer camp for good little girls and boys. However, things get a bit darker when a 14 year-old Ben Moody hears the enchanting melody of Meatloaf’s “Id do Anything for Love” played ever so perfectly on a piano. The curious boy whom is deeply attracted to the music follows its soothing sound and notices a 13 year-old Amy Lee is its creator. As Lee continues to embellish her talents to the boy in awe, the band Evanescence was not too far behind the young soon-to-be stars.


The two became good friends and a few weeks later, Evanescence was created. With Lee as lead vocalist and Moody as everything else, the band started playing at small cafes and places of such. Lee’s father (whom at the time was a Local D.J. for a more “sophisticated” audience) played some of the songs his daughter created. The response was wonderful. The sound had been like nothing anyone had ever heard before. The only music in Little Rock was either “Oldies” or Death-Metal.


Evanescence was known for emitting a mysterious and dark sound with deep lyrics. That sound helped pave the way to stardom. Their first-ever album, “Origin", (which was only released in Little Rock) had such great response that it sent them to New York to work on a debut album for the entire country.


Soon, the band was evolved with the accompaniment of John LeCompt (2nd Guitar) Will Boyd (Bass) and Rocky Gray (drums). They helped sculpt the band and more importantly, they helped sculpt the vision Moody and Lee had in their minds.


The band released their debut album “Fallen” in February of 2003 which had two of the album’s songs in the movie Dare Devil. Since then, controversy has circled around the band such as the band being a Christian band and etc. Also, just recently, Ben Moody has left the band because he feels that it has become “all about the girl” and the band Seether’s guitarist has temporarily filled in the spot".


Although some rocky roads have been endured through the ride of fame, I can safely say the band will continue to rock on and it will never die.