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Claire Catherine Danes was born and grew up in the artsy SoHo district in New York City with her parents, Carla and Chris Danes, and her older brother, Asa. Claire’s mother, Carla is a painter and a teacher. Her father, Chris is a computer consultant. When Claire was six she began studying modern dance, and she still does it. At nine, she took an acting class at the Lee Strasberg Studio. In sixth and seventh grade she attendend the Professional Performing Arts School in NY.


She likes spending time on her school studies, especially the humanities and science. She’s also interested in surfing while living in Los Angeles. She lives in NY and has a cat named Fifi-Champion. In fall of 1999, Claire started attending Yale University. She is taking a semester off in fall 2000 to start shooting Flora Plum. Claire’s first true love was Stephen Dorff’s brother, Andrew Dorff in 1996. When they broke up, she was heart-broken. In 1997, Claire’s friend, Winona Ryder introduced Claire to Aussie muscian, Ben Lee. The two love birds are still together. A psychic once told Claire and Ben that the two would have twins.


In 1997, Claire was chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world. in 1993, Claire came to Los Angeles to be cast on a role in Schindler’s List, when she was discovered for the role in My So Called Life. Spielberg finally gave her the role but she turned it down, because they weren´t willing to give her schooling in Poland.