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Bobbi Billard was born December 12, 1975, in Austin, Texas, to French and French Canadian parents. Even as a young girl, Bobbi knew that she was destined to model. She relocated to Richardson, Texas and Mission Viejo, California, with her family, where she was surprisingly teased for her looks and never really fit in.


Her parents thought that modeling would help raise her self-esteem, so they encouraged Bobbi to start modeling by the time she was 12 (although she was already posing in front of mirrors by age 4).


A 19-year-old Bobbi got her first paying modeling job for a poster for Jones Performance Fuel Systems, which consisted of her having to hold a carburetor called, “The Dominator". From thereon in, Bobbi started to dominate her own career.


After the poster gig, the photographer of the project recommended Bobbi to McMullen Argus Publishing. Once they saw her pictures, she landed the cover of the August 1998 issue of Minitruckin’ Magazine, which led to the Hot Bike and Street Rodder 1999 Calendars.


Since then she has appeared in a slew of print ads and magazines, such as ads for Master Image Customs, Le Camel Sac, Dragonfly Clothing, and Diet Dr. Pepper; posters for CrankUp Scaffolding, Focal Wheels, and WOW Unleashed Poster; a CD cover for the Republic; as well as the Photogenique 1999 calendar, and Iron and Lace 2000 calendar. Bobbi was featured in Play.boy’s Grapevine Section and World Of Wrestling Magazine in 2001.


The Texan stunner has also appeared in television commercials, including those for Pacifico Beer, Who’s Your Daddy Sportswear, and most recently, an ad for Diet Dr. Pepper, in the lead role of “Green Baywatch", which aired during Superbowl XXXV.


Bobbi has seen quite a lift in her career, as she has appeared on an episode of Howard Stern’s Son of the Beach, which stars fellow buxom blonde, Jaime Bergman. She even appeared in 7 episodes of Poorman’s Bikini Beach, and the pilot episode of The Love Files.


The biggest news of all is that Bobbi is starring on the syndicated TV show, WOW Women of Wrestling, as Summer of the Beach Patrol. Bobbi was even the model for two original paintings.


If you haven’t caught Bobbi on the boob tube or in print, you can always chat with the WOW star by checking out her chat room on


Bobbi has two roommates that she cherishes very much and loves to cuddle with – her two Chihuahuas, Simba and Nala.


A huge fan of Pamela Anderson, Bobbi is clearly on her way to becoming every man’s favorite blonde.