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November 21, 1980 and August 23, 1995, are two dates Larry Hagman will never forget. On the first, over 350 million fans in 57 countries were glued to their television sets to find out who shot J.R. On the second, Larry received a liver transplant that took 16 hours and saved his life.


    Feeling better than he had in years, Larry completed work on two projects that were filming simultaneously: Ken Follett’s “The Third Twin", a four hour mini-series based on the author’s best selling novel, which aired on CBS, and Mike Nichols’ “Primary Colors", a film based on the best-selling book by Anonymous … who later was acknowledged to be Journalist, Joe Klein. The film opened March 20, 1998 and starred John Travolta, Emma Thompson, Billy Bob Thornton, Kathy Bates and Adrian Lester.  Larry played Governor Picker, an anti-politics politician who posed a serious threat to Governor Stanton’s (John Travolta) bid for office. Larry has received unanimous raves from the critics for his stirring performance and rumblings of a possible Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor abound. “Primary Colors” is Larry’s second ‘presidential’ film having also appeared in Oliver Stone’s “Nixon".


    Following those projects, the second DALLAS reunion movie, “War of the Ewings", aired on CBS on Friday, April. 24. Larry also served as Executive Producer.