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Name:  Stella McCartney                                                             
Birth: date  13 September 1971 London, England                                     
Stella Nina McCartney (born 13 September 1971) is an English fashion designer.     
She is the daughter of former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney and his first wife, rock   
photographer and animal rights activist Linda McCartney.                           
Stella McCartney was born in London, the second child of former Beatle Sir Paul     
McCartney and Linda McCartney. She is named after her maternal great-grandmothers: 
both of Linda McCartney's grandmothers were named Stella. As a young girl,         
McCartney travelled the globe with her parents and their pop group Wings, along     
with her siblings: older half-sister Heather (who was legally adopted by Paul       
McCartney), older sister Mary, and younger brother James. According to her         
father, the name of Wings was inspired by Stella's difficult birth. As his         
daughter was being born by emergency caesarean section, Paul sat outside the       
operating room and prayed that she be born "on the wings of an angel." Wings       
toured from shortly after her birth in 1971 until 1980.                             
Despite their fame, the McCartneys wanted their children to lead as normal a       
life as possible so Stella and her siblings attended the local state school in     
East Sussex. McCartney has said that while attending state school, she was a       
victim of bullying, as well as a bully herself.                                     
Stella McCartney became interested designing clothes at age 12, when she made       
her first jacket. Three years later, she interned for Christian Lacroix, working   
on his first fashion design collection, honing her skills on Savile Row for a       
number of years.                                                                   
She studied fashion design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in   
the early 1990s. Her graduation collection in 1995 was modelled by friends and     
supermodels Naomi Campbell, Yasmin Le Bon and Kate Moss – for free – at the     
graduation runway show. The collection was shown to a song penned by her famous     
father, called "Stella May Day." The show made front-page news, and the             
entire collection was sold to Tokio, a London boutique. The designs were           
licensed to Browns, Joseph, Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus.                     
In 1998 she designed her sister Mary's wedding dress for her wedding to             
television producer Alistair Donald.                                               
As a strict vegetarian, McCartney does not use fur or leather in her designs and   
supports PETA.  Some of McCartney's designs have text that elaborates on her       
"no animal" policy; for example, one of her jackets for Adidas says, "suitable     
for sporty vegetarians" on the sleeve. Her father is also known for supporting     
PETA by protesting against designers who use animal fur, and those who wear it.     
However, Stella will use wool, silk, and other animal-derived fabrics in her