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  Name: Bradley Nowell                                                             
  Birth name: Bradley James Nowell                                                 
  Born: 22 February 1968 Long Beach, California, United States                     
  Died: 25 May 1996 San Francisco, California, United States                       
  Genre: Ska, Punk rock, Reggae, Alternative Rock, Hip-Hop                         
  Occupation: Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter                                       
  Instrument: Guitar                                                               
  Years active 1988 - 1996                                                         
  Bradley John Nowell (February 22, 1968 - May 25, 1996) was an American musician 
  who served as lead singer and guitarist of the popular ska punk band Sublime. He 
  died at the age of twenty-eight from a heroin overdose shortly before the       
  release of Sublime's self-titled major label debut.