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Name: Jenna Welch Bush                                                             
Born: 25 November 1981 Dallas, Texas                                               
Jenna Welch Bush (born November 25, 1981 in Dallas, Texas) is an author and         
school teacher who is the daughter of U.S. President George W. Bush and First       
Lady Laura Bush as well as the fraternal twin of Barbara Bush. Jenna and Barbara   
are known as the first First Twins both because they are the children of the US     
President and because they are the first twin children of a sitting President.     
She is currently engaged to her boyfriend of three years, Henry Hager, a           
former aide to Karl Rove and University of Virginia graduate student.               
Jenna attended several primary and secondary schools. When she lived in Dallas,     
Texas, she and her sister attended Preston Hollow Elementary School and then The   
Hockaday School. When her father became the Governor of Texas in 1994, Jenna       
attended St. Andrew's Episcopal School in Austin, Texas. Jenna attended Austin     
High School from 1996 until her graduation in 2000. She attended the               
University of Texas at Austin where she was a legacy member of Kappa Alpha Theta   
sorority (her mother, First Lady Laura Bush, is also a Theta). On April 29, 2001,   
Jenna was charged with a Class C misdemeanor of being a minor in possession of     
alcohol in Austin, Texas. On May 29, 2001 Jenna was charged with another           
misdemeanor — attempting to use a fake ID (with the name Barbara Pierce, her     
paternal grandmother's maiden name) to purchase alcohol. She pleaded no contest     
to both misdemeanors. Jenna graduated from UT with a degree in English in           
Jenna had asked her father not to run for president in 2000. "Oh, I just wish       
you wouldn't run. It's going to change our life." Her father told her that he       
and her mother needed to live their lives. However, in the winter of 2003,         
Jenna decided she wanted to become involved in the 2004 campaign. In response       
to this decision, Jenna made media appearances during the summer of 2004 prior     
to the 2004 U.S. Presidential election when she and Barbara made several public     
appearances, including giving a speech to the Republican Convention on August 31,   
2004. Jenna was also found sticking her tongue out to media photographers at       
a campaign stop in St. Louis. Jenna and Barbara took turns traveling to swing       
states with their father and also gave a seven-page interview and photo shoot in   
Vogue. The media also extensively covered the campaigning of John Kerry's           
daughters Vanessa and Alexandra, making the "battle of the daughters" a human       
interest element of the campaign.                                                   
Before leaving Washington, D.C. in Summer 2006, Bush taught at Elsie Whitlow       
Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School for a year and a half. She           
took a leave of absence from the Charter School teaching position to work at a     
shelter several days a week as part of an internship for UNICEF's Educational       
Policy Department in Latin America, specifically in Panama. After her               
internship for UNICEF, she returned to her teaching position at the charter         
school in Washington, D.C., where she is again currently teaching.