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  Born: 21 April 1936                                                               
  Birthplace: Shreveport, Louisiana                                                 
  Best Known As: The founder and host of Focus on the Family                       
James Dobson is a pediatric psychologist whose organization, Focus on the           
Family, is the core of an influential multimedia group that advocates practices     
derived from evangelical Christian values. Dobson received his PhD. in child       
development from the University of Southern California and spent the late 1960s     
and early '70s as a professor and clinician. His book, Dare to Discipline (1970)   
was a best-seller, a direct assault on what Dobson saw as the evils of             
permissive parenting. The author of several self-help books and the host of an     
internationally broadcast radio show, Dobson also lectures often and wields         
considerable influence in the political arena, thanks to the political arm of       
his organization, the Family Research Council. He has been active in the           
Republican party since the administration of Ronald Reagan and is considered a     
behind-the-scenes power broker for his involvement in the administration of         
George W. Bush. Dobson is a well-known opponent of homosexuality and same-sex       
marriage and in recent years has made headlines for comments regarding the         
"homosexual agenda" of the mainstream media. In 2005 he made headlines for his     
comments comparing embryonic stem cell research with experiments conducted by       
Nazi Germany during World War II.                                                   
Contrary to popular belief, Dobson never said that Spongebob Squarepants was a     
homosexual; his position is more accurately reflected here.