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Name: Eleanor Mondale                                                               
Born: 19 January 1960                                                               
Eleanor Jane Mondale (born January 19, 1960 in Minneapolis, Minnesota) is an       
American radio personality television host, and actor. She is the only daughter     
of former Vice President Walter Mondale and Joan Mondale. She is a radio host       
for WCCO in Minneapolis.                                                           
She is nationally known for her work on the E! cable channel including hosting     
the shows Wild On in 1997 and E! News Live. She has also worked in Chicago.         
She appeared in the short film, Mirage, directed by Sayer Frey and produced by     
Shelli Ainsworth, released in 2004.                                                 
Mondale was married to Keith Van Horne of the Chicago Bears from 1988 to 1989.     
She has also been married to Greg Thunder, a fellow DJ, and in 1990 dated rock     
singer-songwriter Warren Zevon , traveling on tour with him to Australia (see       
Zevon biography "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead", 2006). In 2005, she married             
Minneapolis rock musician Chan Poling (of The Suburbs).                             
Eleanor Mondale was diagnosed with brain cancer in June 2005 after a bout of       
seizures. In the summer of 2006, the cancer was in remission, but she announced     
in February 2008 that a small tumor had returned and she would seek treatment at   
the Mayo Clinic.                                                                   
She is currently co-host of WCCO Radio's midday show.