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In the 19 th century, when famour Khayaal singers Haddu Khan, Hassu Khan and Nathu Khan were the court singers of Gwalior , Shankar Rao Pandit in his childhood often visited Gwalior ’s court and got the opportunity to learn and listen music from great musicians.


Shankar Rao was born in 1863 in Gwalior in a prestigious Brahmin Family. His initial education in music was given by Balkrishna Buwa. After that he was taught by learned musician Ustad Nissar Husain. Shankar Rao learnt Tappa singing for Devji Buwa. He was praised everywhere for his fantastic Khayaal and Tappa singing. He also organized various programmes and activities of music in cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur and many other places.


Shankar Rao had a lovely voice. His tones were elegant. He was a master in prolonging a raga and presenting it differently. He emphasized the importance of regular practice in singing and to him it was like tapsaya. He founded the Gandharva Vidayalaya. He died in 1917.