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A brave warrior queen from Karnataka who ruled Keladi State from 1671 to 1696 A.D. and successfully fought with the armies of Bijapur and Aurangzeb.


She ruled over a small state, Keladi, for twenty five years (1671-1696), but proved herself a great and heroic queen. she protected the kingdom when her husband failed in his duty. And she faced the wrath of the mighty Au rangzeb, and gave shelter to Rajaram, Shivaji’s son.


In 1824 the British tried to attack Kittur, a small kingdom in todays Karnataka state. Queen Chennamma took up the sword to fight against the British. Eventually she was caught by the British and died in 1829. But the fight did not stop. A poor guard named Raianna restarted the war. After many battles, he was also caught and was hanged in 1830.