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Name: Jay Farrar                                                                       
Born: 26 December 1966                                                                 
Jay Farrar, (born December 26, 1966 in Belleville, Illinois) is an American             
songwriter and musician currently based in St. Louis, Missouri. A veteran of two       
critically-acclaimed music groups, Uncle Tupelo and Son Volt, he began his solo         
music career in 2001. Beyond his established talents as a songwriter, he is a           
well-regarded guitarist, harmonicist, and a distinctive vocalist. His music is         
an informed interpretation of traditional American music.                               
As a solo artist, Farrar has released two full length albums, two EPs, one film         
score, and various live recordings. His full length albums are Sebastopol (2001)       
and Terroir Blues (2003), the first released on the independent record label           
Artemis Records and the second released on his own label, Transmit Sound. "No           
Rolling Back" from Terrior Blues appears on This is Alt. Country, Volume Two (Shut     
Eye Records).                                                                           
An EP of songs from the Sebastopol sessions, entitled ThirdShiftGrottoSlack was         
released in 2002. His score for the independent film The Slaughter Rule (2002,         
directors Alex and Andrew Smith) was released in 2003 on the independent record         
label Bloodshot Records. Farrar formed his own independent record label in 2003,       
Transmit Sound (formerly called "Act/Resist Records").                                 
In 2004, Farrar released a six song live acoustic EP entitled Live EP. Also 2004       
marked the release of the live CD/DVD Stone, Steel & Bright Lights. Following "Stone,   
Steel & Bright Lights," Farrar reformed Son Volt with an entirely different             
lineup than had comprised the band on their first three recordings.                     
In July 2005, Farrar and Son Volt released "Okemah and the Melody of Riot," Son         
Volt's first full-length recording since 1998.                                         
In 2006, Farrar announced the formation of a new band, Gob Iron, with Varnaline's       
Anders Parker. The songs which would make up their debut album were recorded in         
autumn 2004, while Farrar was in the process of recording a new Son Volt album.         
Gob Iron's debut album, Death Songs For The Living, was released on October 31st,       
2006 by Transmit Sound/Legacy Recordings.                                               
Son Volt released a new, 14-song album, 'The Search', in March 2007 on Transmit         
Sound/Legacy. The album marked a stretching out musically for Son Volt because         
horns were used.