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A famous medieval saint, Namdev was born in 1270 in a low caste tailor family in Maharashtra. When he was merely two years old, ‘Wittala’ was the word which he uttered. Since then, he had been busy in pronouncing the name till the end of his life. He always enjoyed visiting temples in his childhood. At the age of seven, his affection with God became so intense that he started spending the most part of the day in I singing and dancing. It is said that one day, when Namdev placed the plate of eatables before Vithoba, Vithoba assumed a human form and accepted the offerings gratefully.


His meeting with the great saint, Jnanadev, at Pandhaspur took place when he was 20 years old. Since then both the saints never separated till death parted them. He wrote a number of Abhangas - short poems, filled with the nectar of Bhakti and love towards God. The songs are extremely good. Namdev had visited almost all the holy places of India. He passed away in 1350.