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Name: Edward Mulhare                                                                 
Born: 8 April 1923 Carrigaline, Cork, Ireland                                         
Died: 24 May 1997 Los Angeles, California U.S. of lung cancer                         
Edward Mulhare (8 April 1923 - 24 May 1997) was an Irish popular television           
leading man from 1956 to 1995.                                                       
Born in Carrigaline, Cork, Ireland, and educated by the Irish Christian Brothers,     
Mulhare intended to study medicine, but was sidetracked by a growing interest in     
acting. After acting in various Irish venues including The Gate Theatre in           
Dublin, he moved to London where he worked with Orson Welles and John Gielgud.       
His best-known stage role was as Professor Higgins in the original Broadway           
production of My Fair Lady, taking over from Rex Harrison in 1957.                   
His first television appearance was in 1956 in a production of The Adventures of     
Robin Hood (TV series), but he is more well known for his starring roles in two       
television series, The Ghost & Mrs. Muir (again following Rex Harrison, who had       
played The Ghost in the film on which the series was based) and as Devon Miles       
in Knight Rider, as well as many guest starring performances on other programs.       
He also guest-starred in two episodes of the original Battlestar Galactica.           
He starred in a number of films in his career including Megaforce and Out to Sea.     
His final role was on Baywatch Nights alongside Knight Rider co-star David           
Hasselhoff in 1997.                                                                   
Edward Mulhare died in Los Angeles of lung cancer in 1997. He never married.         
The Team Knight Rider episode K.R.O., broadcast 27 October 1997, is dedicated to     
Edward Mulhare's memory.