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An advocate of universal love and devotion, Meher Baba was born on February 25,1894, in Pune, Maharashtra. Meher Baba’s real name was Merwan Shaharianji Irani. He received his spiritual inspiration from his father. Merwan, the second among six children, was brought up as a Zoroastrian.


When he was 17, his life changed after meeting Hazrat Babajan, a woman Muslim saint. In 1920, he entered into a state of super-consciousness in which he remained for many months, entirely oblivious to his earthly existence. After a year, he regained his consciousness. Meher Baba set up an ashram, what is now called Meherabad, in April 1923.


Baba believed that the avatar’s duty is to awaken humanity to real spiritual nature and quicken the whole life of the spirit of his time. His teachings were swayed by Zoroastrianism. Baba believed that consciously or unconsciously, every living creature seeks a spiritual goal. He died on January 31,1969.