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Nisha Kothari {born Priyanka Kothari} also known as Amoga, is a new  Indian Bollywood actress and model. She also has a major in Chemistry  from Delhi University. Nisha Kothari was born in Kolkata, and grew up  speaking English, Bengali, and Hindi. She moved to New Delhi while in 10th standard and got her degree in Chemistry at Delhi University.


She  then became a model and appeared in Jay Jay, a Tamil movie, as Amoga.  She was debuted to Bollywood in the films and James and Sarkar (which  came out first), both by Ram Gopal Varma. She then went on to do The  Killer with Imraan Hashmi (Emraan Hashmi) and the Bhatts.


She has starred in so far  three movies, The Killer, with Imraan Hashmi, James, with Mohit  Ahlawat, and Shiva. She is considered to be one of the upcoming stars  in the film industry by famous Bollywood director Ram Gopal Varma.