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Born: Juliet Maryon Mills                                                                 
Born: 21 November 1941 London, England                                                   
Juliet Mills (born Juliet Maryon Mills on November 21, 1941, in London) is an             
English character actress, most famous for her roles on shows such as Nanny and           
the Professor and Passions. In both series, she plays characters who possess             
magical powers; but while her character Phoebe in Nanny was presented as                 
friendly and magical, Tabitha Lenox of Passions is a witch who wishes harm on             
many people (in an ironic twist, her Passions alter ego brought a doll that               
resembles her Nanny alter ego to life in a 2005 episode). Her Passions character         
has since softened, and was proclaimed a "good witch" in the 4 June 2007 episode.         
Mills also starred in Avanti!, a notable 1972 film which co-starred Jack                 
Lemmon and was directed by Billy Wilder.                                                 
Mills is the daughter of the late actor Sir John Mills, and the late playwright           
Mary Hayley Bell. She is the older sister of actress Hayley Mills and of                 
director Jonathan Mills.                                                                 
Mills won an Emmy Award for "Outstanding Single Performance by a Supporting               
Actress in a Comedy or Drama Special" for the miniseries adaptation of QB VII (1974).     
She had previously received Golden Globe Award nominations in 1971 and 1973 for           
Nanny and the Professor and Avanti!, respectively. In 2005, Mills was nominated           
for her first Daytime Emmy Award for "Outstanding Lead Actress" for Passions.             
Mills was an occasional guest on the game show Match Game, as was her "Nanny"             
costar Richard Long.                                                                     
Her Nanny and the Professor costar David Doremus said that during the production         
of the program that he regarded Mills like a second mother.