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Son of king Uttanapada and Suneethi. The king Uttaanapada was very fond of his second wife Suruchi and used to ill-treat Suneethi, Dhruva’s mother. One day when Dhruva was five-years old, his step-brother was sitting on his father’s lap. Dhruva also yearned to sit there. But his step-mother prevented him and dragged him aside. She spoke rude words to Dhruva saying “If you had wanted to sit on your father’s lap, you should have been borne by me instead of by your mother. At least now, pray to Lord Vishnu, so that He will make this happen”


Dhruva was deeply hurt by the insult caused by his stepmother and her loathsome words. He went to his mother, weeping profusely. His mother consoled him and advised him to take his step-mother’s words seriously, ie., pray to Lord Vishnu as he is the only saviour of all beings.


Dhruva left the kingdom and left for forests, with a determined mind to see God and attain a really higher position. On the way, he was met by Sage Narada who gave him the necessary initiation and hymn to meditate on Lord Vishnu. Dhruva performed a great tapas (penance) for 6 months and Lord Vishnu appeared before him. Vishnu gave him a boon that Dhruva will attain the highest celestial seat of ‘Dhruva-pada’ (Polestar) which is not destroyed even at the time of Pralaya (ultimate destruction of the worlds).


Dhruva returned to the kingdom, ruled it for many years and in the end attained the Dhruvapada granted by Lord Vishnu. It is said that the entire Zodiac comprising of planets, stars etc. rotates round the Dhruvapada (Polestar), just as cattle tied around a rod do rotate around that rod.