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Name: March Kong Fong Eu                                                             
Born: 1922 Oakdale, California                                                       
March Kong Fong Eu (born March 29, 1922 in Oakdale, California)                     
is an American politician of the Democratic Party. She                               
earned a B.S. in dentistry from the University of California, Berkeley in 1943,     
an M.A. from Mills College, and a Ed.D. from Stanford University in 1954.           
In 1966, Eu (then March K. Fong) was elected to the California State Assembly,       
representing Oakland and Castro Valley for four terms. She was elected               
California Secretary of State in 1974, the first Asian American woman ever           
elected to a state constitutional office in the United States. Eu was the only       
female Secretary of State in California history until 2006, when voters elected     
Debra Bowen. Eu was elected Secretary of State five times. In 1978, she won         
every county in the state, even heavily Republican Orange County, one of only       
four Democrats to win the county in a statewide race in the last half century.       
Eu was appointed U.S. Ambassador to Micronesia in 1994. In 2002 she ran again       
for Secretary of State, but narrowly lost in the Democratic primary to eventual     
winner Kevin Shelley. In 2003, she filed a Statement of Intention to run for         
Governor in California during the recall election of Gray Davis. She eventually     
Her adopted son, Matt Fong, is a Republican who has served as California State       
Eu lives in both Sacramento and Singapore; she lives with her second husband         
Henry Eu, a multimillionaire industrialist.