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Name: Matt Drudge                                                                   
Born: 27 October 1966 Takoma Park, Maryland, U.S.                                   
Matthew Nathan Drudge (born October 27, 1966) is the proprietor of the Drudge       
Report website.                                                                     
Matthew Drudge, raised in Takoma Park, Maryland, near Washington, DC, is an only   
child. His parents are Jewish liberal-Democrats who both worked for the federal     
government. His father Robert Drudge, a former social worker who owns the           
reference site and his mother, a former staff attorney for         
Ted Kennedy, divorced when he was six. Drudge went to live with his mother.         
He had few friends but was an avid news reader and radio talk show fan. In         
his book Drudge Manifesto, Drudge reports that he "failed his Bar Mitzvah", and     
graduated 341st out of a class of 355 from Northwood High School in 1984, thus     
giving himself, in his words, a "more than adequate curriculum vitae for a post     
at 7-Eleven".                                                                       
He was arrested at age 15, on June 18, 1981, for making harassing telephone         
calls. After the arrest, Drudge went to live with his father on a farm on the       
eastern shore of Maryland. But before long his father sent Drudge back to           
Washington to live with his unemployed mother. Drudge was then placed in           
psychiatric treatment with Jewish Social Services. It was recommended that         
the boy be sent to a boarding school, "and if not the last choice will be a         
foster home" (from court papers).                                                   
Drudge was unknown before he began the Drudge Report. For many years, he took       
odd jobs such as night counterman at a 7-Eleven convenience store, telemarketer     
for Time/Life books, McDonald's manager, and sales assistant at a New York City     
grocery store. In 1989, he moved to Los Angeles where he took up residence in a     
small Hollywood apartment. He took a job in the gift shop of CBS studios,           
eventually working his way up to manager. It is here that he was apparently         
privy to some inside gossip, part of the inspiration for founding the Drudge       
Report. Worried about his son's aimlessness, Drudge's father had insisted on       
buying him a Packard-Bell computer in 1994. The Drudge Report began as an e-mail   
sent out to a few friends. The original issues of the Drudge Report were part       
gossip and part opinion. They were distributed as an e-mail newsletter and         
posted to alt.showbiz.gossip Usenet forum where they were both loved and           
ridiculed. In 1996, the newsletter transitioned slowly from entertainment gossip   
to political gossip and moved from e-mail to the Web as its primary distribution