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Name: Jack A. Abramoff                                                               
Born: 28 February 1959 Atlantic City, New Jersey, U.S.                               
Jack Abramoff (born February 28, 1959) is a former lobbyist, and businessman         
who was a central figure in a series of high-profile political scandals.             
Abramoff pled guilty on January 3, 2006, to three criminal felony counts in a       
Washington, D.C., federal court related to the defrauding of American Indian         
tribes and corruption of public officials. The following day he pled guilty         
to two criminal felony counts in a separate federal court, in Miami, related to     
his fraudulent dealings with SunCruz Casinos.                                       
The extensive corruption investigation has led to the conviction of White House     
officials J. Steven Griles and David Safavian, U.S. Representative Bob Ney, and     
nine other lobbyists and Congressional aides.                                       
Abramoff was a top lobbyist for the Preston Gates & Ellis and Greenberg Traurig     
firms and a director of the National Center for Public Policy Research, a           
conservative think tank, and Toward Tradition. He was College Republican             
National Committee National Chairman from 1981 to 1985. He was a founding member     
of the International Freedom Foundation.