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Name: John Beal                                                                     
Born: 13 August 1909                                                                 
Died: 26 April 1997                                                                 
John Beal (August 13, 1909 – April 26, 1997) was an American actor.               
Beal was born James Alexander Bliedung in Joplin, Missouri. He began acting in       
the 1930s, opposite Katharine Hepburn (in the 1934 RKO film The Little Minister),   
among others; one of his notable screen appearances was Les Misérables (1935).     
He continued appearing in films during the war years while serving in Special       
Services as actor and director of Army Air Forces camp shows and training films.     
John Beal                                                                           
He was hired to play the role of Jim Matthews in the television soap opera           
Another World when the show went on the air in 1964, but was fired by creator       
and headwriter Irna Phillips after only one episode because she did not like his     
appearance on screen.                                                               
He continued to work in films and television, and also the theater up until the     
1980s. Beal died at age 87 in Santa Cruz, California, two years after suffering     
a stroke.