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Name: Chen Shui-bian                                                               
Born: 12 October 1950 Guantian, Tainan, Taiwan                                     
Chen Shui-bian (born October 12, 1950) is a Taiwanese                               
politician who has been the President of the Republic of China since May 20,       
2000. He is colloquially referred to as Ah-Bian.                                   
Chen, whose Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has traditionally been supportive   
of Taiwan independence, took office in 2000, ending more than fifty years of       
Kuomintang (KMT) rule in Taiwan. Though he moderated his stance and took           
conciliatory gestures, Chen remains a highly divisive figure for his position on   
Taiwan independence.                                                               
After narrowly winning the Republic of China presidential election, 2004, Chen's   
second-term was marred by scandals. On November 3, 2006, his wife and three         
other high-ranking officials under the Presidential Office were charged with       
corruption for embezzling NTD14.8 million (~USD $460,000) of government funds       
using forged documents.                                                             
In January 2008, he resigned as chairman of the DPP, accepting responsibility       
for the party's defeat in the legislative elections.                               
Chen Shui-bian is an Honorary Member of The International Raoul Wallenberg