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Name: Patty Schemel                                                                 
Born: 24 April 1967                                                                 
Patricia Theresa Schemel (born April 24, 1967) played the drums on the album         
Live Through This by American Alternative Rock band Hole, replacing their           
previous drummer, Caroline Rue, who left after the recording of Hole's debut         
album, Pretty On The Inside. On Celebrity Skin, the final Hole album, she worked     
up the album's material with frontwoman Courtney Love, Eric Erlandson (guitar)       
and Melissa Auf der Maur (bass), but was replaced by Samantha Maloney for the       
album's tour. (Inexplicably, Courtney Love chose to use Patty's name and photo       
on the album.) Hole split up in May, 2002.                                           
Patty also performed on Courtney Love's solo album, America's Sweetheart, for       
which she took some partial songwriting credits. As well, she has recorded with     
Phranc, playing drums on the Goofyfoot EP and with Juliette Lewis's punk rock       
band Juliette and the Licks, for which she played drums on their debut 6 song EP     
...Like a Bolt of Lightning before leaving the band before they recorded their       
second CD You're Speaking My Language. She also toured as the drummer for LA         
band Imperial Teen which is led by Courtney's friend Roddy Bottom, formerly of       
the band Faith No More.                                                             
Courtney Love has stated that before the arrival of Dave Grohl in Nirvana,           
Schemel was being considered by Kurt Cobain to be a possible new drummer for the     
Schemel is openly lesbian, commenting to Rolling Stone that "It's important.         
I'm not out there with that fucking pink flag or anything, but it's good for         
other people who live somewhere else in some small town who feel freaky about       
being gay to know that there's other people who are and that it's OK."               
One of Schemel's girlfriends acted as Courtney Love's personal assistant during     
Hole's 1994-1995 world tour, while promoting Live Through This.