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Eknath was a major saint of the Varakavi Sampradaya founded by Jhanadeva. He was born in 1533 at Paithan. He could not receive much parental love as he lost his parents very early in his life.


Eknath was initiated by Guru Janavdana, a devotee of Dattatreya. He was unique as he represented a blend of Vedanta and Sufism. He was a devout ‘gurabhakta’ and wrote by the name of Eka-janardana meaning ‘eka of Janardana’.


HejDropagated two forms of bhakti to Saguna Brahman-as an end in itself and as a means. Generally, the Advaitic tradition identifies with the latter, considering that meditation of God with form does not lead to moksha (liberation) but only to Krama-mukti (gradual liberation).


He was also a prolific writer and wrote ‘Bhavartha Ramayana’ numerous Abahngas’ and ‘Bharudas’. His Bhagavata popularised the Vedanta philosophy to a great extent. He explains beautifully the nine traditional limbs of the ‘Bhakti marga’ with examples from saints.