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1734 Daniel Boone born in Exeter Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania, October                                             
      22, Old Style (November 2, New Style) Scott New, portrayer of Daniel Boone                                             
1744 Tends family's cattle; often wanders through the woods.                                                               
1747  Acquires first gun                                                                                                   
1748 Squire Boone expelled from Exeter Friends Meeting                                                                     
1750 Boone family leaves Pennsylvania                                                                                       
1755 Family settles in North Carolina on the Yadkin River                                                                   
1755 Boone serves in Braddock's army during defeat near Pittsburgh in French and Indian War                                 
1756 Marries Rebecca Bryan August 14                                                                                       
1759 Cherokee raids force Boones out of North Carolina. They move to Culpeper County, Virginia                             
1760 First crosses the Blue Ridge during winter hunt                                                                       
1761 Participates in campaigns against the Cherokee                                                                         
1762 Boones return to North Carolina                                                                                       
1765 Squire Boone dies; Boone explores Florida, rejects moving there                                                       
1766 Family moves up the Yadkin River                                                                                       
1769 Leaves for long hunt May 1; captured by Shawnee December 22                                                           
1771 Returns home to North Carolina; plans to move to Kentucky                                                             
1773 Attempts to settle Kentucky; son James killed at Cumberland Gap by an Indian attack October 9; settlers turn back     
1774 Sent by Virginia authorities to warn Kentucky survey crew of impending war with Shawnee                               
1775 For the Transylvania Company, leads party blazing the Wilderness Road to Kentucky, March; founds Boonesborough,       
      May; brings family to Kentucky, September                                                                             
1776 Leads rescue of daughter, Jemima, and Fanny and Betsy Callaway, from Shawnee, July                                     
1777 Wounded in the ankle during Shawnee attack on Boonesborough, April                                                     
1778 Captured by Shawnee at Lower Blue Licks February 8; adopted by Shawnee, March; escapes June 16;                       
      siege of Boonesborough September 7-18;                                                                                 
      Boone acquitted of charges of collaboration with British, October; rejoins family in North Carolina                   
1779 Leads settlers from North Carolina to Kentucky, September;establishes Boone's Station December 25                     
1781 Appointed Fayette County Coroner April 7; represents Fayette County in Virginia legislature; captured,                 
      then released, by British rangers;                                                                                     
      returns to Exeter Township, Pennsylvania, to visit relatives                                                           
1782 Son Israel killed in the Battle of Blue Licks August 19                                                               
1784 John Filson's The Discovery; Settlement and Present State of Kentucky ... Containing the Adventures of Col.           
      Daniel Boon published                                                                                                 
1786 Suffers lawsuits over land claims; joins Ohio campaign against Shawnee, October                                       
1787 Mediates a prisoner exchange between Americans and Shawnee August; joins Virginia assembly, October                   
1788 Returns to Pennsylvania to visit relatives; relocates to what is now West Virginia                                     
1791 Serves in Virginia legislature                                                                                         
1792 Kentucky becomes fifteenth state, June 1                                                                               
1794 Testifies in land claims cases                                                                                         
1795 Moves to what is now Nicholas County, Kentucky                                                                         
1796 Official opening of Wilderness Road October 15                                                                         
1798 Refuses to testify in a lawsuit over land claims; sheriff of Mason County, Kentucky, issues warrant for his arrest;   
      much of Boone's land put up for sale                                                                                   
1799 Moves to Femme Osage, Missouri                                                                                         
1800 Receives appointments from Spanish governor in Femme Osage territory                                                   
1802 Briefly captured by Osage during spring hunt                                                                           
1804 Land holdings removed; Daniel and Rebecca move to son Nathan's farm                                                   
1807 Appointed justice of Femme Osage township by Meriwether Lewis, governor of Louisiana Territory                         
1809 Petitions Congress to reinstate Spanish land titles                                                                   
1812 At age seventy-eight, volunteers for War of 1812, but turned down                                                     
1813 Rebecca Boone dies March 18                                                                                           
1815 Explores the upper Missouri                                                                                           
1817 Goes on last long hunt                                                                                                 
1820 Dies September 26