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Swami Mast Ram Jee was born in 1931 in Budlada, Punjab, in a very rich family. Sohan Lal (his original name) possessed different views or feelings about life and worldly affairs since his childhood.


He was married to Smt. Hukum Devi at the age of 23. But marital life did not subdue his desire for God. Subsequently, he left his family and wandered throughout India. Ultimately, his search fir guru was fulfilled in Kashmir where he met revered swami Nand Lal Ji Maharaj. Under the guidance of his guru he meditated and became one of the jewels in the crown of his Guru Maharaj.


He established an ashram at Badipora. He believed in Samadrashti. His ashram always reverberates with sounds of bhajans and kirtans which is the path of salvation in this Kaliyuga. Ha has also done great service to the Kashmiri literature. His book ‘Sahaj Kosam’ contains the bhajans of famous Kashmiri poets. Swamiji believes in Karma and preaches peace. But he does not believe in performing miracles.