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Parvat Singh was a very humble and kind hearted person. He was born in 1879 in Gwalior in a popular family of musicians. His predecessors had gained lot of fame as mridang players. So, it was quite natural for Parvat Singh to get attracted toward Pakhawaj and started learning Pakahawaj form his father. Not only this, his father always took him to various musical congregations. This helped Parvat Singh understand the subtle nuances music. At the age of nine, he demonstratyed his musical expertise in the court of Gwaliar, for which he was awarded a cloth costing five hundred repees. Later, he came to Bombay and availed the opportunities to play Pakhawaj with renounced musicians. In 1926, he went to Bihar where he was conferred the title of ‘Visyakal Visharad’. He always gave due respect to artists. He died on July 18, 19 51, in Gwaliar.