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Kyle Chandler grew up in the small town of Loganville, GA where the population was only 4,200. On his family’s farm, the only TV station they got was Ted Turner’s. Kyle would watch old movies and go out and perform the roles in his backyard. As a drama major at the University of Georgia, Kyle met an ABC scout and was signed by him in a talent search in 1988. Kyle says of his first 18 months in LA, “I poured beer and sold souvenirs at the Museum of Natural History". (USA Today, 5/27/94, p.8) But that didn’t last all that long. Kyle has worked steadily in television and most will remember him as the minor league ballplayer, Jeff Metcalf, in the 40’s drama Homefront. It was his work there that lead to a role in George Strait’s feature film, Pure Country, and a small part in the recent Mulholland Falls. Kyle is currently working on the new Saturday night drama, Early Edition, for CBS with co-star Fisher Stevens. Kyle and his wife, Katherine, a television writer, live in Los Angeles, CA with their baby daughter and their two Terriers, Buckley and Otis.