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Name: William Howell Masters                                                       
Born: 27 December 1915                                                             
Died: 16 February 2001                                                             
William Howell Masters (December 27, 1915 - February 16, 2001) was an American     
gynecologist, best known as the senior member of the Masters and Johnson           
sexuality research team. Along with Virginia E. Johnson, he pioneered research     
into the nature of human sexual response and the diagnosis and treatment of       
sexual disorders and dysfunctions from 1957 until the 1990s.                       
Masters was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and graduated from Hamilton College. He was   
a member of Alpha Delta Phi, and became a faculty member at Washington             
University in St. Louis. Masters met Johnson in 1957 when he hired her as a       
research assistant to undertake a comprehensive study of human sexuality.         
Masters divorced his first wife to marry Johnson in 1969. They divorced three     
decades later, largely bringing their joint research to an end.                   
Masters died in Tucson, Arizona.