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Born June 16, 1973 in Burbank, California, Eddie Cibrian was raised in the San Fernando Valley. The only child of Carlos and Hortensia Cibrian, both of Cuban descent, Eddie Cibrian became interested in acting at the age of 13 when he found out that a fellow classmate had broken into the business doing commercials. After discussing it with his parents, Eddie landed an agent and booked seven commercials over the next two years, landing a national Coca-Cola commercial on his very first audition. While he enjoyed the work, the auditions prevented him from participating in school sports. A natural athlete, Eddie decided to put his acting career on hold in favour of joining the high school football team.


After graduating from Montclair High School, Eddie Cibrian enrolled as a Business/Economics major at UCLA and took on a part-time job to make ends meet. However, he missed the challenge and excitement of working in the entertainment industry, and shortly afterwards decided to give acting another shot. Eddie Cibrian quickly signed with an agent and began working almost immediately, his first work being a starring role in Malcolm-Jamal Warner’s Emmy Award-winning television special, Kids Killing Kids. From there it was on to daytime television, where Eddie Cibrian starred for three years as Matt Clark on The Young and the Restless. His other daytime credits include a featured role on The Bold and the Beautiful. In addition, he appeared in multiple episodes of Beverly Hills, 90210 as well as on NBC’s Saved by the Bell: The College Years. He also gained a starring role in Baywatch Nights as Griff Walker, alongside David Hasslehoff.


In February 1997, Eddie Cibrian joined the cast of Sunset Beach as Cole Deschanel, the handsome jewel thief and grandson of town founder Armando Deschanel. Eddie has recently starred in TV movies, The Hitman, Logan’s War - Bound By Honour, and also his feature film debut in Living Out Loud with Holly Hunter, Queen Latifah and Danny DeVito, released in the US on November 6th 1998. Logan’s War…Bound By Honour, co-starring with martial arts master Chuck Norris, sees Eddie Cibrian playing a young man who’s after the mob in an attempt to avenge his family’s deaths. In Living Out Loud, he plays a masseur and his scenes are said to be extremely hot. Eddie signed to star in the 1999 feature But I’m A Cheerleader with RuPaul, in which he plays the part of a gay man. A new aspect to his ever-expanding CV was the recent release of Yes Yes Yes… No No No as one third of the all-male trio 3Deep. Although releases have so far been restricted to Canada only, the group are hoping for wider reaching success in the near future.


In his spare time, Eddie Cibrian enjoys playing golf, football, tennis, basketball, baseball, and volleyball. Eddie Cibrian also is an avid skier and motorcyclist! Eddie Cibrian is involved in a number of charitable organizations, including the Make a Wish Foundation, the American Paralysis Association, and Stitches, a group in South Central Los Angeles that provides kids with an alternative to gangs. Eddie Cibrian is engaged and lives in Toluca Lake, California. His birthday is June 16.