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Name: Jennifer Jones.                                                                   
Birth name: Phylis Lee Isley                                                             
Born: 2 March 1919 Tulsa, Oklahoma                                                       
Jennifer Jones (born March 2, 1919) is an Academy Award and Golden Globe-winning         
American actress.                                                                       
Jones was born Phylis Lee Isley in Tulsa, Oklahoma to Phillip R. Isley and Flora         
Mae Suber, who toured the Midwest in a traveling tent show they owned and               
operated. Jones attended Monte Cassino Junior College in Tulsa and Northwestern         
University, where she was a member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority before                 
transferring to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City in 1938.         
It was here she met and fell in love with fellow acting student Robert Walker.           
The two were married on January 2, 1939, when Jones was just 19 years old.               
They returned to Tulsa for a 13-week radio programme arranged by her father, and         
then headed for Hollywood. Isley landed two small roles, first in a 1939 John           
Wayne western titled New Frontier, followed by a serial entitled, Dick Tracy's G-Men.   
In these two films, she was billed as "Phyllis Isley" (Phyllis now spelled with         
two L's). However, when she and Walker failed a screen test for Paramount               
Pictures, they decided to return to New York City.                                       
While Walker found steady work in radio programs, Isley worked part-time                 
modeling hats for the Powers Agency while looking for possible acting jobs. When         
she learned of auditions for the lead role of Claudia in Rose Franken’s hit play       
of the same name, she presented herself to David O. Selznick’s New York office,       
but fled in tears after what she thought was a bad reading. Selznick, however,           
overheard her audition and was impressed enough to have his secretary call her           
back. Following an interview, she was signed to a seven-year contract. She was           
carefully groomed for stardom and given a new name: Jennifer Jones. Director             
Henry King was impressed by her screen test as Bernadette Soubirous for The Song         
of Bernadette, and she won the coveted role over hundreds of applicants. In 1944,       
Jones won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance as St.                 
Bernadette. That year, Jones' friend, Ingrid Bergman, was also a Best Actress           
nominee for her work in For Whom the Bell Tolls. Jones apologized to Bergman,           
who replied, "No, Jennifer, your Bernadette was better than my Maria." Jones             
presented the Best Actress Oscar the following year to Bergman for Gaslight.