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Name: Mike Heidorn                                                                 
Born: 1967                                                                         
Mike Heidorn, born 1967 in Belleville, Illinois, is the former drummer and         
founding member of Belleville bands Uncle Tupelo and Son Volt. Heidorn also         
played with the Uncle Tupelo precursors the Primitives (or Primatives) and the     
one-off band Coffee Creek with Jay Farrar and Jeff Tweedy of Uncle Tupelo and       
Brian Henneman of The Bottle Rockets. Heidorn married and left Uncle Tupelo         
after the recording of their third album, March 16-20, 1992. After the breakup     
of Uncle Tupelo Heidorn was reactivated by Farrar and joined the first version     
of Son Volt, but was not involved in the reformation of the band in 2005 and is     
no longer active as a professional musician.