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Born and bred in Southall, Juggy has been performing since the age of 14 when he won a talent competition judged by Punjabi superstar Channi from Allap. Winning the competition inspired Juggy to pursue his dream to become a successful British-born Punjabi singer.


Juggy performed during frequent visits back to his parents? native India during his late teens and began to establish himself as a genuine British-Born Asian vocal talent.


Having heard his vocals, Rishi Rich asked Juggy to collaborate on the track “Nahin Jeenah” on Rishi?s debut album “Simply Rich". The track was No 1 in the Bhangra charts for 6 weeks.


In 2003, Juggy became part of the Rishi Rich Project ? a music movement set up to showcase up-and-coming artists. The critically acclaimed debut single “Dance with you (nachna tere naal)” featuring Jay Sean was released on Virgin Records in Sept 2003.