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Tulsidas was born in 1532 to a Brahmin family, at the town of Rajapur in Utter Pradesh. He suffered separation from his parents at a very young age and was not taken care of his relatives. He came into contact with some saints who advised him to surrender to Lord Rama. Thus, he got associated with a Hanuman temple and ate whatever to was given to him. His guru advised him to take up the path of devotion to Rama. As time grew on, Tulsidas’s love for Rama grew deeper and deeper.


In his youth, he married a woman named Ratnavali. He was deeply attached to her. Once his wife admonished him for his deep attraction to her body and advised him to love lord Rama. Then Tulsi left all connections with family life and became an ascetic. He spent fourteen years visiting various sacred places of pilgrimage. Tulsidas wrote twelve books. His most famous book is the ‘Ramayana’. ‘Vinaya Patrika’ is another important book. Tulsi left his mortal life and entered the abode of immortality and external bliss in 1623.