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Name: William Frederick Durst                                                           
Born: 20 August 1970 Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.                                         
William Frederick Durst (born August 20, 1970 in Jacksonville, Florida) is an           
American singer, known primarily as the founder of nu metal band Limp Bizkit.           
Fred Durst was born in Jacksonville, Florida . His biological father left when           
he was only a few weeks old, and he was raised solely by his mother, Anita,             
during his infancy. The two were very poor, his mother having no house, job, or         
money. They lived in the top of a church, and people brought them baby food,             
which they both lived on. Anita eventually met Bill, a policeman, whom she               
married when Durst was 2.                                                               
Durst liked the same music as his parents, and enjoyed dancing and showing off.         
When Durst was young, he and his half-brother Cory (son of Bill and Anita)               
became fans of Kiss.                                                                     
Eventually, the family moved from Jacksonville, Florida. to Gastonia, North             
Carolina,where Durst attended Hunter Huss High School. Here, became                     
interested in hip hop music, forming a break dancing group known as the "Reckless       
Crew." He also became interested in the culture that went along                         
with break dancing, and when his mother got him his first mixer, it started his         
interest in rapping. He taught himself how to mix, and how to scratch using             
turntables, and then began practicing writing lyrics for rap songs.                     
Soon, he began entering rap competitions. Later, as the break dancing scene was         
dying out, Durst and his friends became interested in skateboarding. Durst               
started listening to heavier music such as Suicidal Tendencies and Black Flag.           
Reflecting his change in scene, he started writing more lyrics that acted as a           
release for pent-up emotions.                                                           
Durst graduated from Hunter Huss High School in 1988. After, he briefly attended         
Gaston College. He began working several small-time jobs at fast food                   
restaurants, DJing, and working at skateparks to earn money, but was                     
unsuccessful at keeping a job. He decided to join the United States Navy.               
During his time in the Navy, he married his first wife at the age of 20. They           
moved to California, and had one daughter, Adriana. The couple eventually               
Next, Durst returned to Gastonia and to the hip-hop scene, forming a rap duo: a         
friend was the DJ and Durst styled himself as a rapper similar to Vanilla Ice.           
He gained contacts in the music industry and the duo put together a promo video         
showcasing their talents. The promo video was unsuccessful in obtaining a               
recording contract.                                                                     
Durst finally moved to Jacksonville where he became a tattoo artist. Durst               
created the tattoo of the Korn logo on the back of Korn's guitarist Brian Welch.         
Durst formed Limp Bizkit in 1994 with Sam Rivers and John Otto. Wes Borland             
joined soon after, and DJ Lethal, formerly of the Hip-Hop group House of Pain,           
joined the band in 1995.                                                                 
Limp Bizkit's first hit, a cover of George Michael's late '80s hit "Faith",             
gained traction due to heavy airplay on MTV, especially during the first year of         
Total Request Live. The band's other major hits include "Nookie", "Break Stuff",         
"Re-arranged", "Counterfeit", "N 2 Gether Now", "Take a Look Around", "Rollin'"         
and "My Generation." Durst has directed most of Limp Bizkit's music videos, as           
well as videos for Korn ("Falling Away from Me"), Deadsy ("The Key to Gramercy           
Park"), Cold ("No one"), Puddle of Mudd ("Blurry"), and Staind ("It's Been               
Awhile" and "Just Go"), among others.                                                   
Durst has dabbled in acting with a minor role in the 2005 TV miniseries                 
Revelations, playing the role of Odgen. He also starred in the movie Population         
436 with Jeremy Sisto, as police officer Bobby Caine.                                   
Durst also chairs his own record label, Flawless Records, a division of Geffen           
Records. It has signed such bands as Puddle of Mudd, The Revolution Smile,               
Ringside and She Wants Revenge.                                                         
In recent years, Durst has also shown interest in directing films. He directed           
the film The Education of Charlie Banks, which was concluded July 25, 2006.